Maurizio Milan
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Engineering
Complex problems need simple solutions is the motto which summarises Milan Ingegneria’s modus operandi. Simplification, which is not a choice but a need, is achieved through a deep knowledge of the subject matter. Only through experimenting and thanks to continuous research and a constant technological update, we are able to give coherent answers to all architectural solutions, even the most complex. Innovative building techniques combined with the use of appropriate materials can guarantee safety and functionality, and enable us to reduce building and managing costs. Energy efficiency is nowadays a fundamental objective, also achieved by recycling materials, using locally supplied building elements and minimising transport and site handling. Planning activities has to contribute to save a fundamental resource: time. 

Maurizio Milan graduated in Civil Engineering in 1977 and since then, he has been involved in the design, supervision and completion of complex works, also using unconventional materials such as pre-stressed stone, structural glass, glued laminated timber, bamboo, terre pisè, light alloys and composite materials. He has taken part in numerous projects both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with world-famous Italian and foreign architects, completing over one thousand works to the day. In 1982, he founded “Favero&Milan Ingegneria” which he left in January 2013 to set up “Milan Ingegneria S.r.l.”, which represents all the experience and expertise gained in thirty years of activity in the field of construction of civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructural works, both in the public and the private sector. 

“Milan Ingegneria” offers a wide range of planning and consultancy services in the field of civil and infrastructural engineering, Project Management, Quality Surveillance, Site Supervision, Testing and Health and Safety Coordination. The firm brings together a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals specialised in structural, energy, environmental, infrastructure and geotechnics design, who can guarantee an effective technical-scientific approach and a constant monitoring of each project’s schedule and budget, always complying with the highest quality standards.
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