The new “I Viali” Shopping Park in Nichelino is in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Stupinigi Hunting Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is characterized by vast green areas weaving around the new commercial buildings, restaurants, road network and cycle-pedestrian path.
The project is part of a greater Building and Urban Redevelopment Program in the strategic area of South Turin. It aims to create a common area that is easily accessible to city dwellers and intricately integrated with the surrounding area and historic Stupinigi buildings. 
The structure occupies approximately 46,000 square meters, 12,500 of which are for the superstore and 29,500 for the business park, including 3000 parking spaces, 61 shops, 2 bars and 6 restaurants. 
The defining architectural elements are the porches and external canopies with their supporting structural form that evokes Nichelino tree branches. The architectural volumes, public spaces and shopping arcades, shops and business blocks are harmoniously interconnected, forming a functional collective of services for visitors. 
The work began right after the opening of the new Carrefour superstore in July 2016 and provisions had been made for demolition of the old superstore to build the new mall. These are new structures around the old one, which will also be refurbished to become an integral part of the Business Park. 
The “I Viali” center is one of the first commercial structures in Italy designed by respecting the ITACA Protocol: a certification that establishes the sustainability level of a building based on parameters such as environmental loads, site quality, resource consumption, environmental quality and overall level of service. 
The “Carrefour” superstore has been awarded as the best selling point for sustainability in the international SBChallenge program organized by CommONEnergy, a research project funded by the European Union. 

Photo credits: Milan Ingegneria, “I Viali”
Countries: ITALY
Categories: RETAIL
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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