Santa Giulia is a residential and business district in the south-east of Milan designed by architect Norman Foster. The project covers a total of 1.200.000 square meters and encompasses the abandoned industrial areas of Montedison and Redaelli.
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: OFFICES
Work in Progress - Engineering: MILAN INGEGNERIA
Work in Progress - Progetto Architettonico: PROGETTO CMR
Beginning of Construction: 2018
Completion Date: 2020
The new “Spark One” building designed by Progetto CMR, comprising 8 floors for trade and offices, is located in a triangular lot overlooking the Rogoredo train station with a square open to the public. Two underground floors are intended for parking. A particular sunblind system assures an adequate distribution of sunlight. The flat roof has the purpose of producing photovoltaic energy. 
The project aims to achieve acknowledgment by LEED PLATINUM as an eco-sustainable building as well as by WELL, Building Standard, GOLD according to the international protocol that certifies the level of well-being of those who live in these buildings. 

Photo credits: Progetto CMR
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