Massimo Roj - Marco Ferrario - Antonella Mantica
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture
Progetto CMR is a firm specialized in integrated design founded by Massimo Roj, Marco Ferrario and Antonella Mantica, founded in 1994 with the aim of creating a flexible, efficient and sustainable architecture by applying a method that starts from the analysis of customer needs. 
The firm, a member of the EAN - European Architect Network, is based in Milan and has offices in several cities around the world: Rome, Athens, Bahrain, Beijing, Chennai, Istanbul, Jakarta, Prague, Singapore, Tianjin and Jakarta. 
The company is structured in three macro areas: architecture, engineering, design, which operate in an integrated way to offer customized, innovative and sustainable solutions. Progetto CMR counts more than 150 professionals: over 100 architects, 15 civil and plant engineers, experts in space planning, project managers, designers, technical and administrative staff, CAD, BIM specialists and LEED AP, capable of working on the most sophisticated and up to date IT systems. Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach, the firm offers specialized professionals services in the view of integrated design. 
In 2010, Progetto CMR ranked among World’s Top 100 architectural firms.
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