Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Engineering
BMS is a multidisciplinary design firm founded in 1988. Aldo Bottini, Nicola Malatesta and Sergio Sgambati, engineers trained at the Polytechnic of Milan, are the founders of BMS. After a significant professional experience in Aldo Spirito’s design firm the three partners merged into a single system affinities and ambitions in the composite construction sector. BMS, leader in Italy in structural design since the early 90s, started a complex process of expanding its range of activities. Today the firm is divided into three specialized divisions - architecture, structures, MEP. BMS’ systems engineering division builds its extensive skill and qualifications availability on the historical experience of BMZ, established MEP design company born in the 70s. BMZ has systematically worked with BMS since the early 2000s and in 2006 it was 100% incorporated in BMS, completing therefore its specialist design services range. Based in Milan, BMS Progetti operates throughout Italy and in many foreign countries.
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