Marco Piva
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture
Marco Piva works in the fields of master planning, architecture, interior design and industrial design. Activities vary from large scale structures dedicated to residential and tourist functions, interior design up to the design of particular products for the residential as well as public areas. Marco Piva develops master plan projects, residential and office complexes, tourist villages, congress centers, meeting halls, exhibition galleries, thematic exhibitions and urban scenes, as well as constant involvement in the most prestigious events and exhibitions worldwide. Assiduous research into the formal and functional aspects of space, updated technology and materials, developed with great attention to the environment, are the foundations of the planning philosophy of the Studio, where the continuity between architecture and interior design plays a strategic role in the success of the Studio's projects. The Studio's main offices are in Milan, considered the world capital of industrial and fashion design. Studio’s branches are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.), Saint Petersburg and Moscow (Russia), Mumbai (India), Beijing and Shanghai, (China) , Doha (Qatar) and Los Angeles (USA). In such a creative context, multicultural and innovative, Studio Marco Piva develops its activities around the cultural tradition of the project and precise production systems, conceptual and stylistic innovations, tools necessary to face the design process with originality and authenticity. The attention placed to the requirements of today international life style, creates a focal point to the research and development of the Studios design, which gives birth to new spatial concepts, with fascinating atmospheres and sceneries.
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