Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
GBPA Architects is an integrated architectural company, incorporating GBPA S.r.l. and GBPA UK Ltd, that combines experience with energy, dynamism and the thirst for new challenges. GBPA S.r.l. founded in 2006 and GBPA UK Ltd founded in 2015 are managed by architects Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva and Luciano Capaldo with offices in Milan, London, Beijing and São Paulo. GBPA network,brings together professionals with international experience in the fields of architecture, interior design, space planning and retail. Thanks to their experience in all fields of architecture and a cross-cutting approach, GBPA team is able to offer full services from design in large-scale to the smallest details. GBPA Architects is committed to encourage the constant pursuit of architectural excellence through innovation, the search of high-quality materials and the attention to every single detail, in order to provide affordable, sustainable, reliable and long lasting buildings.
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