Cities: ROMA
Countries: ITALIA
Innovative Architecture, Urban Planning and Design Agency, focused on the development of value-added projects.
Founded in 1997 by Michele Molè and directed since 2008 in collaboration with Susanna Tradati, Nemesi is one of the most innovative Italian studios in the field of urban architecture and design. His original design research on contemporary languages is supported by a solid technical know-how.
Nemesi architecture stems from a deep and continuous research and reworking of contemporary forms of expression, combined with a careful study of reference context input in dialogue with the surrounding territory.
The work of Nemesi is the result of an analytical process which elaborates the various environmental, cultural, and economic factors that affect the project. The research and professional activities of the firm are reflected through its meticulous work on the form and language underlying it, able to express technological and functional content as well as performance through consistent and poetic writings.
The hallmarks of Nemesi architecture are found in its complex geometries, fluid spatial continuum with alternating full and empty spaces in close relation with the local context and the landscape, characterised by technological innovation and a sustainable approach to construction.
Nemesi has gained significant experience in the design of offices, residences, infrastructure, cultural and leisure facilities, public building and master plans, all with a view to satisfy the varying needs of public and private clients.
In response to the specific characteristics and challenges of the project brief, Nemesi' approach stands out due to its ability to focus on the potential of the project, while emphasising the functional, environmental and economic aspects.
The architectural language research is accompanied by an ability to control the project throughout each stage, from the feasibility study and the architectural concept, right up to final design and construction.
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