Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
PRP architecture is a company that operates in the field of design, project management, security plans and project management in the field of public and private works and civil construction. PRP architecture is associated with the Green Building Council Italy. PRP architetura was founded in 1995 as a company from the studio of architect Roland Gantès, active since 1970. On the basis of the experience gained primarily in senior project management on behalf of real estate companies, for which he has worked on their achievements investment, Roland Gantès held within the company, the business of technical director, designer and director of the work. The company is based in Milan and employs a large team of professionals and staff. It has a solid experience in architectural design and specializes in the realizations of spaces for commercial and administrative. In particular, it deals with new buildings and redevelopment of office space. The company is strong in a thorough understanding of both legislative and socio-economic sector, and is therefore able to respond in a "sustainable" way to the specific objectives of the client.
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