Renzo Piano and Tamassociati designed the new cardiovascular hospital for children in Kampala, to be erected next to the Victoria Lake in Wakiso district, 35 km from Kampala city. 
The hospital will include operating theatres, intensive care units, recovery rooms and dormitories for the international health-workers. A huge green park, sloping to the lake, will surround the building, following the natural landscape. The hospital will emerge from terraces defined by bearing walls. 
This solution enhances the lake and the park, which will become the main landscape of the hospital area with its bearing walls perfectly integrated within natural space. Earth coming from the excavation will be used to make the bearing wall following the traditional technique of the rammed earth. This method is cheap, simple and consists in mixing clay, gravel and sand with water and to compact them in steel or wood formworks, with no use of cement and no employment of specialized workers. 
On the roof, there are 10.000sqm of solar panels that supply electrical power to the building. In addition, they will provide shadow and protection from the rain to both internal and external spaces. 

Photo credits: Emergency NGO Technical department
Countries: UGANDA
Beginning of Construction: 2017
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