The Implementing Plan on the Caserma Mameli area, in line with the contents and addresses of the PGT of the City of Milan, investigates and researches the reconnection of urban texture and environmental rehabilitation of the Caserma’s abandoned areas.
It integrates the new building, characterized by different and discrete types and heights, and places it in relation with the immediate context of the organic and punctual system of INA-CASA district and of the ordered system and large-scale morphologies of military buildings. 
The project maintains, compatibly and in line with the new public functions, physical presence and memory of military artefacts, along with the landscape dimension that characterizes them: it is expected the increase of the allocation of municipal public buildings dedicated to areas and services of general public interest, through the functional and architectural renovation of the buildings of the barracks. 
The big public urban park is a new center polarity inside the area, with new equipment and infrastructure for play, leisure and outdoor town events. Much of the area is also used for the construction of social housing with different types and fee mode, so as to increase the mixité of the area. 
The project will promote a permeability of the area against possible flows that connect public transport systems, pedestrian traffic, cycling and neighbourhood spaces. 

Photo credits: Onsitestudio
Countries: ITALY
Categories: HOUSING
Beginning of Construction: 2015
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