Marco Albini- Franca Helg- Antonio Piva (con Franco Albini fino al 1974)
Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
The work experience of over fifty years of Albini Studio includes projects and management of museums, exhibitions, restoration and renovation of historical complexes, projects of new buildings, where architectural research and confrontation between tradition and modernity are the basis of the working method.
The Studio in Milan, founded in 1930 by Franco Albini, in collaboration during years with Franca Helg, Antonio Piva and Marco Albini, is characterized by an approach to architecture called as “crafts rationalized”, in other words traditional craft rationally mediated by industrial production.
In 2004 “Studio Albini Associati – Arch. Marco Albini and Francesco Albini” was born, respectively son and grandson of Franco Albini, which continues direction and method pursuing the values ​​of modernity and innovation: patient research; aesthetics of lightness and transparency; the meticulous project “piece by piece” both in architecture as in object design.
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