The project involved the renovation of a XIXth Century former Royal summer residence in the region of “Langhe” in Piedmont (Italy), to a cultural center including an Academy for wine growers, a “Bank” for wine barrels, a 100 place conference hall, a restaurant and a 5 star50 room hotel for guests. The architectural design has taken into account the need to maintain the building complex in its formal and stylistic type. New architectural elements, such as stairs and lifts were introduced to respond to the renewed distribution requirements, besides the complete renewal of the bulding’s structure and the surrounding gardens, with and underground addition for a parking and logistics, related to a new elliptical shaped swimming pool for the hotel. The aim was to maintain the memory and historical heritage of great importance that this place represents.
Photo credits: Studio Albini Associati
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2002
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