The transfer of Savoy Gallery in Royal Palace New Wing is an important intervention to promote the history of Italian art and architecture. With the transfer of Savoy Gallery the final configuration of the Royal Museum system is realized, providing a perfect cohesion between the paintings and their natural, original place. Within the museum circuit, the Savoy Gallery becomes the centerpiece of the Royal Museums. The adopted museological criteria are in line with the architectural structure of the New Wing, in order to enhance a tailor made flexible museum space. The exhibition system has been conceived as an independent layer, overlapped to the walls in a flexible and reversible way: movable panels, supporting paintings, can slide hanging from a guide, in a totally flexible way. Architecture and exhibition dialogue and enhance each other without one prevails over the other. 
Photo credits: OBR Open Building Research
Photo credits: Mariela Apollonio, Carola Merello
Countries: ITALY
Engineering: FM INGEGNERIA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
1870 Projects