Marco Brandolisio- Giovanni da Pozzo- Massimo Scheurer- Michele Tadini
Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
The firm Arassociati was founded in 1997 by Marco Brandolisio, Giovanni da Pozzo, Massimo Scheurer and Michele Tadini, architects that started to develop their professional vision in the studio of Aldo Rossi since 1982 and becoming his closest collaborators in the Milan office. 
Since its beginning Arassociati has designed and constructed numerous buildings for both public and private use in Italy and across Europe. In its ventures, the firm seeks to expand its architectural prowess by pursuing continuity between the building and the environment of the city or territory while adhering to rational building construction principles. 
The firm in 2004 received the International Architecture Theatre Award for the reconstruction of the Fenice in Venice, while in 2008 was published the book about the making of Tiscali Campus and in 2013 the monograph “Arassociati – architectures”, both published by Electa. 
Various projects have been published in magazines on architecture and other related sectors. The office activity has also been demonstrated through participation in exhibitions, conferences and international competitions.
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