Cities: ROMA
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture | Engineering
Studio Amati was founded in 1963 by Eng. Giuseppe Amati (1920-1991) accomplished professional with a special focus on survey and construction supervision, who worked for prestigious clients as Bank of Italy and IRI Group. The Studio’s headquartes are still in Viale Bruno Buozzi 77, Rome, where they were located originally. 
Thanks to the paternal legacy, in 1997 Architect Alfredo Amati (1947-2016), converted the practice into an Architectural Consulting Firm accordingly to the principle of dividing the workforce in sectors and promoting the institution of managerial entities who acts upon each project through specialized working groups engaged in mutual dialogue and debate. 
Architect Amati has always believed in the importance of team work and of the exchange between the various specialized departments integrating each other's work in the architectural design process. 
 Studio Amati is currently an architectural consulting firm where about 25 professionals operate under the coordination architect Giuseppe Losurdo, architect Romina Sambucci and architect Francesco Abbati, three partners and professionals with 20 years experience in the firm.
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