Cities: GENOVA
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Enrico Frigerio was born in Turin. In 1980 he graduated in Architecture in Genova and learned his trade working side by side with Renzo Piano. 
In 1991 he founded the Frigerio Design Group, making quality and the relationship with the environment its main goal. 
In 2006 the travelling exhibition «Frigerio Design Group – A Journey in Slow Architecture» (Mandragora catalogue) started: it opened in Florence and then proceeded to Genoa, Milan, Ferrara, Turin, Palermo and Vercelli. It was concluded in 2008 at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and at the Prague Museum of Modern Art. In 2008 the firm was invited to the «London Festival of Architecture» within the «Sustainab.Italy Contemporary Ecologies» project. 
In 2012 two of FDG’s projects were selected to be shown in the Italian Pavilion at the 13th Venice Biennale and then in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while in 2015 two more projects were hosted at the XIV World Triennial «Values in Architecture» in Sofia.
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