Feel the spirit of a factory, the history of an enterprise, the experience of one of the most prestigious trademarks in the world when it comes to porcelain and glass, enhance the design of items on display without forgetting that the point of sale is a company store.
3.500 square meters of space arranged in the old divisions of the historic Rosenthal factory encouraging you to go on a journey through design and industry, from museum to entertainment to commercial space. A modular technological grid decorates the industrial space and suspended artificial ceilings “fly” overhead like planes directing the flow of clients. 
Porcelain, glass and metal, with their shine, are materials that attract the eye and give life to inanimate objects. They are displayed in large spaces with just the right lighting to appreciate them most. 
The project is part of a company development program to face the challenges of a global market with the sensitivity of those who lay their roots between the avant-garde and tradition, beauty and perfection, and those that follow the can-do spirit. 

Photo credits: Frigerio Design Group
Countries: GERMANY
Categories: RETAIL
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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