Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
The studio has design expertise about a wide spectrum of subject areas, ranging from Residences, Private villas, Open spaces, Public Buildings, Sports Facilities, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Towers, Hotels and Resorts, Retail Showrooms and Stands for exhibitions. The scope of work varies from urban level to interior design and product design scale. Lately as the office has been working on many residential, offices and hotel projects, this has further led Arch Peia to initiate a research in the field of innovative solutions for architectural, typological, distributional as well as for the detailed solutions, materials and furnishings with materials of latest generation. Sustainable projects and low carbon emission MEP solutions are naturally implemented in all his work modality. Through numerous projects and achievements he has also developed a great experience on the issue of growth and restructuring of the restoration of historic buildings and the difficult, but exciting relationship between ancient and contemporary.
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