Cities: MADRID
Countries: SPAGNA
Categories: Architecture | Engineering
IDOM is a multi-national corporation, founded in 1957 by Rafael Escolá (1919-1995), with the help of another young engineer, Luis Olaortúa (1932-2003), which provides consulting, engineering, and architecture services in Spain and internationally. 
Escolá and Olaortúa were pioneers in providing professional and independent engineering services, in an era when engineers worked, for the most part, as employees of large industrial firms. 
Responding to evolving markets and the new requirements of clients means that IDOM is on a path of permanent growth, both in terms of the services offered and the professionals which make up the firm. 
This has resulted in the evolution of Idom into a leading, Multidisciplinary Group where more than 2,500 professionals work, located in 34 offices spread over 16 countries across 5 continents.
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