Maria Laura Arlotti- Michele Beccu- Paolo Desideri- Filippo Raimondo
Cities: ROMA
Countries: ITALIA
Sito: www.abdr.it
Categories: Architecture
ABDR professional studio is based in Rome and was founded by Maria Laura Arlotti, Michele Beccu, Paolo Desideri and Filippo Raimondo in 1982. 
ABDR activities are carried out combining modern professional practice and didactic scientific research and are regularly published in many national and international magazines and dedicated monographs. 
Several museums of architecture and international cultural institutions have exhibited ABDR design works. The studio has often been invited at the Biennale di Venezia, the Triennale di Milano and has also represented Italian design on the occasion of official events. In 1997 ABDR held a personal exhibition at the AAM gallery in Milan and in 2007 at the Académie Royale in Brussels. It represented Italy at the Shanghai Expo in 2010. In 2013 the studio offered part of its archive to the MAXXI, National Museum of XXI century Arts, permanent collection. 
A number of awards and prizes: in 2003 the “EuroSolar” prize for bioclimatic architecture and in 2010 the “Europe & Africa Property Awards” prize.
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