The project entails the detailed design and construction of residences and commercial activities in the area between the roads Via Costantino, Viale Giustiniano Imperatore, Via Alessandro Severo and Via di Villa in Lucina in Rome.
The project copes with the complex theme of the planned program on public spaces, which have to be considered not only as areas for public functions and/or use (e.g. roads, pedestrian areas and squares, gardens and green areas), but also as functional transit areas. 
According to this approach, the housing development can be “vertically” subdivided into two parts. In both buildings, the higher part comprises the housing units from +4.50 meters height. 
The lower part hosts a series of functions and mostly consists of open spaces and the residential building podium. The podium represents the connection between the horizontal public space and the vertical private one of the housing development. It is also the transit area and the measuring element of both urban and local scales, as distinctive feature of the project. 
The design of the public spaces thus becomes the design of an integrated and continuous urban space. In this context, the podium of both residential buildings is fundamental, since it is the physical and functional passageway from the district to the neighborhood. The project is specifically addressed to this question through the organization of both interior and exterior spaces. 
In the courtyard, a public in-ground swimming pool is located in the area of a difference in height of the ground and of the square enclosed by the buildings, with a large window overlooking the courtyard garden. 
The patchwork design of the facade aims to create a formal diversification of the openings (loggias, balconies, windows) to enable the residents to immediately recognize their apartments. 

Photo credits: Studio Maggi by Moreno Maggi
Countries: ITALY
Categories: HOUSING
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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