Cities: TORINO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Luca Moretto is an architectural firm based in Turin, active since 1991, operating in both public and private sector. Their aim is to give shape to the needs of our clients in the field of architecture and of interior design. 
The firm promotes sustainable contemporary architecture and the adoption of LEED Protocols certification, as well as cultural transformations and the creation of new meanings of spaces, things, landscapes, with creative realism. 
Their projects include new buildings but also involve the restoration and / or renovation of existing buildings operating in accordance with the Government department responsible for the environment and historical buildings, in case of historic preservation restrictions. 
The firm’s experience, in the residential (housing and tourist facilities), service sector (public and private offices, administrative headquarters), education (schools, universities, research institutes), culture (libraries, museums, exhibition centers), health care (clinics, hospitals), and parking, external works, and interior design, leads them passionately in the realisation of new works with a genuine identity.
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