Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
ENZOEUSEBI+PARTNERS is an atelier of architecture, planning, interior, graphics and industrial design founded by Enzo Eusebi. 
Since its inception, the studio has grown rapidly through the development of a wide spectrum of projects in different sectors such as residential buildings, private houses, offices, showrooms, retail spaces, museums, production sites, temporary installations, exhibitions, and properties renovation. 
The research design, which is wide and heterogeneous, is mainly focused on functional and spacial aspects, construction technology, design methodologies and quality control in respect of energy conservation and environmental sustainability. 
ENZOEUSEBI+PARTNERS, which is amply recognised abroad, has always addressed design strategies through intensive research activities which fluctuate from the landscape to the urban development, from the property site to the industrialisation of the singular architectural components, up to the divulgation and communication of the contemporary disciplinary debate. 
The works, including projects of architecture and design, artistic interventions, and installations, have been honoured with numerous awards and have been selected for national and international exhibitions. 
The studio operates on different intervention levels thought personalised contributions, led by a team of collaborators in Italy (Rome and Teramo) and China (Beijing).
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