Built in the early sixties along the ring road of Paris, this high-rise block of 16 storeys includes 96 apartments. The demolition, firstly envisaged, has been avoided and a project of transformation decided. The project proposed a generous extension of the apartments.
New floors, built as a self-supporting structure, was added on the periphery of the existing building at every floor, to extend the living rooms, create closeable terraces and balconies. 
The existing facades with small windows were removed and replaced by large transparent openings, so that the inhabitants could profit of the exceptional view on Paris all around. 
Ground floor the entrance hall was refurbished. The floor is made on a level with the exterior. The volume was releases of all useless rooms and installations to become a free and transparent space from the entrance to a new garden created on the back of the building. 
Rooms for collective activities was established on the sides of the hall. Two lifts were built to improve the access to the apartments. The structure was designed with prefabricated elements so that the inhabitants could stay in the apartments during the construction works. 

Photo credits: Frederic Druot
Countries: FRANCE
Categories: HOUSING
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2011
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