Pietro Valle- Piera Ricci Menichetti Valle
Cities: UDINE
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
In the early 1950s, Gino and Nani Valle started Studio Architetti Valle in Udine, continuing the practice established by their father Provino in the the 1920s. In 1959 Nani Valle leaves the firm and in 1961 Piera Valle Ricci Menichetti becomes a firm partner. Under the leadership of Gino Valle, the office achieves international recognition in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s with larger projects in major international cities. In 1989 Studio Valle becomes an associated firm and in 1990 Pietro Valle starts to work in the office.
After the death of Gino Valle in 2003 the partners Piera Valle Ricci Menichetti and Pietro Valle expand the firm work together with the team of collaborators of the preceding years.
Among the main historic works of the firm there are the Zanussi headquarters and factories in Porcia, Pordenone (1959-61), the Monument to the Resistance in Udine  (1959-69), the Fantoni offices and plant in Osoppo, Udine (1973-78), the Valdadige prefabricated school system (1974-76) and the Galvani administrative center in Pordenone (1972-82).
In the 1980s the firm design the IBM Italy headquarters in Basiano, Milano (1980-83) and the New York branch of the Banca Commerciale Italiana (1981-86). In the same decade there are the social housing complex in the Giudecca Island in Venice (1980-86), the elementary school Block 606 in Berlin (1983-87) and the new Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea (1984-86).
In the 1990s there are the master plan for the Bufalotta district in Rome (1991-98), the renovation of the Alitalia tower at the EUR in Rome  (1995), the Fantoni plant for the production of MDF panels in Osoppo di Udine (1995-96), the Eco refrigeration plant in Pocenia di Udine, the Faculty of Psychology Two at the University of Padua (1995-98) and the Barca-Casteldebole master plan in Bologna (1992-98).
In Paris, the firm designs the demolition and reconstruction of the Olympia Theater (1996-98) and the Societé Generale headquarters in the Boulevard des Capucines block (1995-98) while in Avignon there are the new Lafarge Headquarters (1995-2000). 2004 saw the completion of the Brescia Law Quarters, whose design had started in 1984.
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