Pino e Alessandro Zoppini
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Studio Zoppini was founded in 1961 by Pino Zoppini. The professional services provided by the practice range from architecture, urban planning and landscape design with particular experience in advanced and complex large-scale buildings. The specific competence culminated with the completion of Oval Lingotto for the 2006 Olympics in Torino. 
The venue was recognised as the most significant facility of the Games and won among the numerous awards the IOC 2007 Gold Medal. 
The practice design is based on commitment to develop highly advanced buildings where architectural quality combines use of new materials, sustainability and client’s operational and functional needs. We have a multidisciplinary design approach where both external consultants and final users groups are involved from the inception. They consider the process of designing a building as an interactive experience through which the various aspirations of Client, User Groups and Community as a whole must be explored, defined and finally realised. This process is a journey which should culminate in a building which surprises, delights and fulfils the original vision of the brief.
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