The Oval Lingotto was built to host the speed skating events for the 2006 Winter Olympics. It features an indoor volume over 220m long, 100m wide and 16m high housing a 400m long speed skating track, has a footprint covering an area equivalent to four football pitches.
The building was designed to complement the famous Lingotto buildings next door. In this context, special consideration was given to the articulation of the façades of such a large addition to the Lingotto complex. 
The arched roof is supported by a steel structure consisting of free-spanning spine trusses. These trusses accommodate maintenance galleries and lighting, with curved secondary wings lending a sensational vaulted effect to the interior. 
The arena accommodates over 8000 spectators, including officials, participants, press and media. Separate access is provided for each of these groups with special security arrangements for the participants via underground access tunnels to and from the changing accommodation. 
Since the Winter Olympics, the Oval Lingotto has been used for fairs and exhibitions. The arena hosted the World Fencing Championships in 2006, and then the European Indoor Athletics Championships in 2009.
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