Stefano Cobolli Gigli - Riccardo Monico
Cities: MILAN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture | Engineering
The company, founded by the senior architects Sergio Cobolli Gigli and Giorgio Monico, has more than fifty years of tradition in architecture and engineering. The cooperation between the two architects continues nowadays with theirs sons Stefano Cobolli Gigli and Riccardo Monico who combines tradition and modernity.  
EET operates either in the public or in the private area in the most important architectural fields. By the collaboration with consolidated partnerships, with experts in plants, structures and landscapes, and by the organisation of different specialities, the society has projected and realized interventions of national importance, facing questions of high complexity, favouring a work of interdisciplinary group, in the research of an equilibrium between architecture and technology.  
The intellectual care of the charter members in the sanitary field, through the multi-year managing of dedicated magazines, world-wide trips and experiences, has created in the group a specifical culture representing an important part of the activity which is renewing through the technological and social evolution particular of the field.
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