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ATelier2 was established in 1999 in Paris Faubourg St. Antoine by his founder members, Valentina Gallotti and Marco Imperadori, following a common experience in building design with dry stratified technologies, studied in depth in research (Phd, publications). 

ATelier2: A for Architecture and T for Technologies, it is both because Gallotti is an Architect and Imperadori an Engineer, and because these two essential disciplines totally merge in the activity of the office. 

The aim of every project is sustainability of architecture and its technologies, like a founding ethical value. The theoretical definition of praxis and method of multi-layers dry stratified construction and high efficiency technologies develop through a large number of issues parallely with realized projects: residential buildings, schools, hospitals, renovations, exhibitions, urban refurbishment. 

The main examples are the high energy efficient residential buildings in Bergamo province: the Gold Class building in Colognola and a class A housing of 10 residential units in Stezzano, an A Class building in Torre Boldone and a class B house in Brembate di Sopra. Very important is also the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) named VELUXLab and built inside the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano.
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