Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture

ATelier2 was established in 1999 in Paris Faubourg St. Antoine by his founder members, Valentina Gallotti and Marco Imperadori, following a common experience in building design with dry stratified technologies, studied in depth in research.

ATelier2: A for Architecture and T for Technologies. The aim of every project is sustainability of architecture and its technologies, like a founding ethical value. The theoretical definition of praxis and method of multi-layers dry stratified construction and high efficiency technologies develop through a large number of issues parallely with realized projects: residential buildings, schools, hospitals, wellness centers, renovations, exhibitions, urban refurbishment. The main examples are the high energy efficient residential buildings in Bergamo province: the Gold Class building in Colognola and a class A housing of 10 residential units in Stezzano, an A Class building in Torre Boldone and a class B house in Brembate di Sopra and, the most recent, the Active House in Bergamo.

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