The Zurich Airport C500 Landside Centre and A500 Airside Centre form part of Nicholas Grimshaw’s major expansion program for the airport. In recent years Zürich Airport has experienced a marked increase in passengers, becoming one of the major European air transport hubs. The airport serves 130 airlines, flying to 180 destinations in 80 countries worldwide. 
The Landside Centre is situated above the main-line train station and connects the airport with Zurich's other major public transport systems. 
Based on a layered and streamlined organisation of key service areas, it is integrated into the landside access system at the intersection of all surface routes. A priority of the design is to ease passenger movement. The Airside is the hub of the airport, connecting its two existing terminals and associated finger docks. The longitudinal structure is graceful, yet monumental in scale. An aerodynamically curved steel roof, supported by steel A-Frames, spans the 250-metre passenger hall which contains retail, dining, and lounge facilities. 

Photo credits: Grimshaw Architects
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2004
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