The addition of a weekday chapel at the side of St. Maria Goretti church led to a real extension of the main liturgical space.
The chapel while being an autonomous unit and maintained architecturally distinct from original body, it results in continuity with the church: the interior of the chapel is entirely visible from the nave through the continuous glass and its formal articulation could be perceived as an added aisle . 
The artistic stained glass is not only an iconic element that identies the intervention, but develops a narrative role. 
The subject manifests a spiritual representation of an episode: “Mane Nobiscum” – “Stay with us, Lord” is the heartfelt appeal that the two disciples of Emmaus turn to the mysterious man the meet along their walk. 

Photo credits: Beppe Giardino
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2015
1870 Projects