The Tower, One St George’s Wharf is a landmark apartment tower in Vauxhall comprising 223 apartments over 49 storeys. At 181 metres, it is the tallest residential tower in London. Located on a prominent bend of the River Thames, the Tower is one of the most significant additions to London’s skyline, acting as an important marker at the focal point of views along the river.
The building’s simple and elegant circular form and floor to ceiling glazing provide staggering 360° views across London. The unique floor plan is based on the shape of a ratchet and is typically divided into five apartments per floor with separating walls radiating out from the central core. The stepbacks created by the plan house sky-gardens, provide residents with a semi-external space and accentuate the building’s verticality when viewed from outside. 
The number of apartments on each floor reduce with altitude. Sizes range from one-bedroom units up to penthouses and each apartment is fitted with the highest quality finishes and latest technology. At ground floor a boutique-inspired concierge desk, resident lounges, dining room and screening room feature, with a gym, spa and swimming pool overlooking the River Thames on the first floor. 
The building has been designed to require significantly less electrical energy for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation than that of a traditional tall building, with significantly reduced CO² emissions over its lifespan. Energy savings are made through the use of a sophisticated, ventilated cavity façade with motorised interstitial blinds, high-performance solar control and low ‘e’ coatings. 
A significant amount of the buildings energy is obtained from renewable sources. For example, a ten metres high wind turbine on top of the building generates sufficient energy to power the lighting in the common areas. The building also draws water from London’s aquifer deep below ground and uses heat exchange technology for heating and cooling. 

Photo credits: Broadway Malyan
Categories: HOUSING
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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