The project for the Sea Pavilion is born from the conviction of the recovery of the existing granite arcades that used to host the spaces allocated to the military car fleet of the ex Arsenale at La Maddalena.
Such approach is characteristic of a project inspired by a principle of dialogue with the context, identity and history of the site. 
Restructured to host commercial, exhibition and educational spaces linked to nautical and touristic activities, the architecture – an open plan arrangement of different programs – is characterized, above all, by the 10,000 sqm white sail-like roof, 10 meters suspended above the ground and equipped with photovoltaic panels for energy production. 
This device, along with the incorporation of heat exchange systems that use seawater for the heating and cooling of the buildings, and of solar panels for the production of hot water, is part of a strategy that makes the project for the recovery of the ex Arsenale a model of sustainable practice, tuned to the preservation of the extraordinary qualities of the Mediterranean landscape and the distinctive natural biodiversity of La Maddalena archipelago. 

Photo credits: Iwan Bann, Paolo Rosselli
Countries: ITALY
Categories: MIXED USE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2009
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