The Quattro Corti business centre is located in the historic area of Saint Petersburg, in the immediate vicinity of St. Isaac’s cathedral.
The project called for the realization of a contemporary building while maintaining the historic façades of the two buildings that previously occupied the site. 
Within the volume defined by these limits, four courts were created to illuminate the interior spaces and to serve as gathering places capable of hosting art installations, exhibitions and other public activities. 
The façades of these courts are composed of reflective coloured glass panels – gold, green, azure and white – set at different angles. The result is the fracturing of the overall reflection, which generates a kaleidoscopic effect that is enlivened by the natural variations in the quantity and intensity of sunlight. 
The complex is mainly dedicated to Gazprom Neft offices, but also hosts complementary activities such as a restaurant. 

Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna
Countries: RUSSIA
Categories: OFFICES
Designer: PIUARCH
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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