This large public building is the materialization of the winning entry in an international design competition sponsored by the Lombardy Regional Government.  
Palazzo Lombardia provides office and support spaces in a form that is efficient, flexible, and accessible to the public, along with outdoor gathering places intended to enhance public life and stimulate regeneration of the district. In both scale and materiality, the podium relates to the surrounding neighbourhood, while the 160-meter-tall building addresses the nearby Pirelli Tower, the government’s former headquarters and a major icon of the modern area. 
The lively formal dialogue between the two structures evokes and enriches their intimate functional relationship: the Pirelli Tower will continue to serve as the governments institutional base, while Palazzo Lombardia will serve as its administrative seat. 

Photo credits: Fernando Guerra, Regione Lombardia
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2013
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