The Lyric Theatre Complex is a celebration of the world of theatre as an integrated and inviting place of performance and social gathering, located in the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, an ambitious 40-hectare waterfront cultural quarter which combines open public space with a wide range of cultural venues.
Here museums, theatres and concert halls intermingle to create a vibrant district for Hong Kong, where different disciplines within the arts can interact, collaborate, innovate and develop. 
The approx. 41,000 m2 Lyric Theatre Complex is a mixed-use project housing three theatres (the Lyric Theatre, the Medium Theatre and the Studio Theatre), a Large Rehearsal Room which can also be used as an additional performing arts venue, a Resident Company Centre with eight dance and rehearsal studios and administrative facilities, and an extensive programme allocation for Retail, Dining and Entertainment. 
Whilst the three theatres within the Complex draw their own distinct identities from the types of performing arts to which they cater, their designs follow a unied approach essential to both creating a complementary family of theatres and a coherent building. 
Each theatre therefore has its own distinct colour which relates to its function. This colour is not only applied in the auditoriums, but also in the correlating foyers, thus also acting as a means of waynding. 
The colour and intensity of the spaces become more vibrant as the visitors get closer to the performing arts venues: the Arrival Hall and ‘Central Spine’ circulation routes employ neutral tones, but the intensity of colour builds and reaches its height when entering the auditorium. 

Photo credits: UNStudio
Countries: CHINA
Designer: UNSTUDIO
Beginning of Construction: 2014
Completion Date: 2023
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