The heart of the design concept is a large new tree-lined plaza in the middle of the block that will link the historic building of the old ENEL power station with the new Lavazza headquarters.
The complex will be shaped like a large “cloud” linking the various fronts and industrial buildings that have been preserved and converted for new functions, giving the city a green esplanade and opening an unusual point of access to the banks of the River Dora.  
The enormous existing block will be restructured and opened towards the city. Lavazza’s new headquarters engage with the existing city with great sensitivity: the heights of the buildings and the quality of the façades have been studied carefully in relation to the surrounding structures, the quality of the open spaces and solar exposure. 
The outcome is a project that alludes to Turin’s historic architecture but takes a contemporary approach, paying attention to current technologies and the values of endurance and respect for the environment.  

Photo credits: Cino Zucchi
Countries: ITALY
Engineering: MANENS-TIFS
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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