The premises of the Joanneum Museum, in their current state, are the result of three different buildings, of different times and use. The expansion project involves the construction of new spaces which allow to value each building separately, and at the same time, to reorganize their access and new needs of use.
The historical city centre of Graz is especially valued by its historical roofs. However, the new addition is developed at a floor level, creating a new mineral flooring, a “carpet” which covers all the outer space among the buildings and hides within the new space that house the required programs. 
The new pavement is therefore drilled by some deep round holes, conic intersections which drive the natural light into the inner part of the building. 
The main hall will centralize the new access to the museum and will become the common link for the new spaces: shop, assembly hall, didactic room, reading rooms and coffee bar. 
A public and cultural institutions such as the Joanneum Museum will promote with this proposal the dialogue between art and city. The mineral carpet is made of panels whose relief will be developed in collaboration with a contemporary artist. 

Photo credits: Roland Halbe
Countries: AUSTRIA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2011
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