The theme of the project is the search for equilibrium based on dissociation. A building formed by different functions, a series of different bodies, needs to be built through a composing process involving the bodies themselves and the interstitial spaces, shaping the circulation system and the connections.
The search for Synthesis, proper to the creative-projecting process, has to face this dilemma and solve it, maybe thanks to a metaphor. 
The absence of gravity is the metaphor of this project: a joyful floating which suddenly founds a momentary balance. It is a dissociated balance, not based on symmetry, nor on weight balancing. 
It is based on masses suspension, representing a perceiving system of movement and connection. The black of the buildings, of different materials, but uniform, increases the feeling of not-belonging and the perception of a mysterious balance. A building that catalyzes the centripetal power of self-revelation of the landscape through its fragments blacks, existing.  

Photo credits: Ernesta Caviola
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2012
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