The project is located in a major and well connected industrial area finalized to the advanced research production, located on the east side of town. The building is a clear and compact volume, with an interesting relationship with its context.
Thanks to the special facade system, which consists of alternating reflective steel panels and glass panels, the building seems to dematerialize, blending with the surrounding environment. 
The reflective steel panels are characterized by different depths depending on their position, assuring always different visual effects depending on the side from which the building is enjoyed. The facade effect guarantees a strong dynamism to the building itself. 
The building is composed of a series of floors, connected with each other continuously through connections clearly readable on the exterior facade. These connections create stairs, terraces or slopes, hosting conference rooms or outdoor auditorium, providing a functional layout extremely varied and flexible. 
Both the building envelope that its mechanical installations, entrusted to the home automation technology, are extremely technological and performance, ensuring to the building the A energy class in Casaclima certification. 

Photo credits: Julien Lanoo, Solange Souza
Countries: ITALY
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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