The project is based on the need to create a reception point for the public, as well as easy routing between the car park access level and that of the entrance to the grotto housing cave paintings dating from the Magdalenian era (11.000 bC). The concept is to represent a kind of great prehistoric animal emerging from the cave and opening its wings to welcome visitors. The design is intended to resemble an archaeological find, and for this reason is constructed out of Corten Steel, a material which ha already rusted finish. A wooden path leads to the reception hall whose high opening framer by two large wings seems to allude to the geological fault running through this ancient site. This project respects the wish of the Regional council of the Ariège Department who wanted both to set the site off the best advantage and to create a symbol as a testimony to its historical significance.
Photo credits: Katsuaki Furudate
Countries: FRANCE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 1993
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