The new station housing the police and fire departments for the government district of Berlin is an extension to a now free-standing 19th-century structure, located on the edge of a former goods yard closet o the river Spree.
The singlebanked rear wing of the building serves as a backbone for the extension, which as luminous floating body nestles against the lower part of the sheer brick wall. 
The space underneath the new building provides covered parking for the various vehicles of the police station and fire brigade, whilst the yard accommodates the necessary manoeuvres of the large fire engines. 
As the building is set back considerably from the main road and lies approximately 6 m below street level, a new footbridge brings the visitor to the police station on the main level. 
Placing the entrance to such a building through a first floor window of its representative historical façade is both a pragmatic solution and a gesture appropriate to the surreal quality of its location. 
The façade of the extension comprises large-scale glass shingles, celebrating the formal and material contrast between an existing Berlin building fragment and its new addition. The reds and greend used in the façade play with the color contrast between the existing brick structure and the surrounding groups of mature trees.
Countries: GERMANY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2004
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