The project addresses the whole complex, including the future of the Velarde Palace and the Casa Oviedo-Portal. Only through such a comprehensive approach can the optimal functioning of an institution as important as the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias be guaranteed. 
With this idea as starting point, the project contemplates raising an altogether new building within the urban complex. That is, the sequence of existing facades around is taken as a contextual condition, and these facades take on the role of an urban ‘backdrop’, unquestioned, against which to erect a new building with a facade of its own; a facade that reveals itself, is discerned, through naked, totally frameless openings. 
In the exterior it will be possible to complete a large luminous construction, glazed and full of reflections, that will project outward and superpose itself on urban history, giving the new Fine Arts Museum of Asturias a bold but complex image. 
The other fundamental element for explaining the building’s relationships with the context is the inner block courtyard. Through luminous glazed catwalks, the courtyard becomes a place for encounters and an element connecting the various buildings of the museum complex. 

Photo credits: Pedro Pegenaute
Countries: SPAIN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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