The different buildings of the proposal are unified under a large louvered roof and will be built in different phases. The project is located in the historical part of the compound. The intent is to bring respectful innovation. 
Every time that the project “interferes” with the existing buildings these will be clad in shiny red panels, this will generate a boundary for the new intervention creating a sort of red “visual limit”. The area between this boundary and the new buildings will be occupied by a garden, a continuous green filter between the new and old. 
Ateliers Jean Nouvel has chosen to maintain the existing façade of the Ferrari historical factory that will be clad in shiny red steel sheets, a material that evokes the world of car races, of speed and Ferrari and will display the history of Ferrari through illustrated panels. 

Photo credits: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Countries: ITALY
Engineering: ARUP ITALIA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2009
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