Designed on a single level with a cover area of 15,000 sqm, the new Fendi Factory in Capannuccia, near Florence, extends over an area previously occupied by a clay pit and a furnace now disused.
First prize awarded in an invited competition, the building proposed by Piuarch establishes a strong relationship with the Tuscan landscape: the image is that of a large green roof, under which the handcrafted activities take place. The inner space is organized according to an efficient functional distribution. 
Furthermore, the Factory is enhanced by architectural solutions aimed at achieving the best environmental quality, such as natural lighting, glazed external and internal walls. 
A sequence of patios and green courtyards of different sizes break the continuity of the roof: they light up the workspaces and establish a link between natural and artificial environment. 

Photo credits: Piuarch
Countries: ITALY
Designer: PIUARCH
Beginning of Construction: 2018
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