Doha’s urban fabric is rapidly developing around the state-of-the-art metro infrastructure, designed to enable a new generation of travellers to move quickly and easily within all other means of transportation. An interconnected public transport network represents a unique opportunity for social and economic development for the City and the entire Nation. The new Transportation Education Centre (TEC) will rise between Lusail Boulevard and the Al Qassar Metro Station. As well as a source of education, the new centre will also provide exhibition space and recreational facility. The combination of these three major functions into one harmonious whole, will interpret the vision of Qatar Rail while enhancing the environmental factors and characteristics of the area, to represent the project's real innovative approach. The Transportation Education Centre is designed to create a direct relationship with citizens and visitors, making them a pro-active and vibrant component to the museum complex. The exhibition is spread through the Transportation Education Centre Park, an open air public space which surrounds the main building. The park will not only host the outdoor exposition, with a part dedicated to mass transportation that over time have accompanied the nation's development.
Countries: ITALY
Designer: ONE WORKS
Beginning of Construction: 2016
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