The new Diesel Headquarters is located in an area previously occupied by a mechanical industrial plant. The project can be defined a low-rise hybrid building which keeps together different functional programs: offices, warehouses, exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a kindergarten, a canteen, a fitness center in addition to covered parking car and technological plants.
The result is a small creative town whose community shares working spaces but also common ones, those where emerge the effective sense of working together and sharing different skills. 
This led them to conceive the intervention as a real urban project, crossed by streets and articulated into several squares: the result is a state of exceptional functional density within the scattered sprawl that characterizes the entire region. This makes it immediately recognizable without using any formal complication. 
For this reason Studio Ricatti created nor a landmark neither an icon-building. 
The practice has worked, instead, on the concept of “locus” in order to make clear the role of this island into a regional scale, into the larger metropolitan archipelago. 

Photo credits: Daniele Domenicali
Countries: ITALY
Categories: MIXED USE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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