Dalarna Media Library is organized as a ’spiral of knowledge’ identifying a new library culture that stages a wide range of experiences and inspiration.
The natural terrain of the surrounding landscape is continued as a ramp that spirals up through the central atrium of the library where all search of information and orientation take place. 
The spiral of knowledge creates a varied study environment allowing the students to move about in the heart space of the library or to withdraw to more quiet areas along the facade. 
The building has a unique spatial character uniting library, study spaces and multi-media functions to create synergy with the existing university complex. 
The variation of sound levels and the differentiation of activities creates a versatile study environment that is rich in experiences. The new library is the main attraction and new entrance arriving to the university. To emphasize this, the surrounding spaces are transformed from a large parking lot to an integrated urban plaza. 
The urban plaza handles user and visitor flows while organizing the public spaces around the building into defined activity zones and intimate recreational areas. The main entrance is open and welcoming towards the plaza to identify the building with liveliness and activities. 
Dalarna Media Library has become a vital force in the community, acting as a motivating generator for both citizens and local businesses. The characteristic double facade with reflecting horizontal lamellae fronting a wood cladding was developed in collaboration with Danish artist Jeppe Hein. Instead of creating an isolated piece of art work, Jeppe Hein and ADEPT developed the facade into a detailed and refined expression with an immateriality that mirrors its surroundings and the people in it with broken reflections. The lamellae are made from highly polished stainless steel while their wooden background is a Siberian larch. 

Photo credits: Bara Bild, Kaare Viemose.
Countries: SWEDEN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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