Cities: MILANO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture | Engineering
Starching is a firm where Architecture and Engineering work together, side by side, shaping a world where sharing knowledge across disciplines and generations stimulates creative flow and generates new ideas. 
Starching got its start in 1992 as an associated firm with two partners, architect M.Paola Pontarollo and engineer Marcello Cerea. They immediately focused their attention on workspace design projects and on new forms of entrepreneurship in the Telecommunications industry, which, back then, were the growth drivers of the new economy in Italy. 
Seven years later, thanks to the great success achieved, the Cerea-Pontarollo firm turned into STARCHING Architecture and Engineering Firm. 
In 2000, the firm’s operational headquarters in Rome opened its doors, under the direction of architect Mauro Angeletti. 
In 2008, the business experienced significant growth when some of its staff with key roles and responsibilities joined the partnership, perfectly in line with the firm’s continuous growth and reorganization process.
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